Other Products

Cornitos – Nachos, Habit – Panko Bread crumbs, Salsalito -Tortilla , Delmonte—Tin Products, Delmonte – Pasta, Spaghetti, Switz – Samosa Patti.


To make our own agroproduct by2020


A one stop shop to make food delicious


Mozzarella, Pizza, Mascarpone, Feta, Corona, Dynamix

Dairy Products

Fresh Paneer, Khawa, Curd, Tetrapack Milk, Butter—Amul


Culinary Sauces  and various brands . Pizza Pasta Sauce , Mayonnaise based sauces, Brand Winn, Foodrite, –Tomato, Red Chilli, Green Chilli, Soya, 8-9 sauce, Wresters , Oyster sauces , Vinegar, Dark Soya, Marinades of Brands Veeba, Delmonte, Weikfield, Torrente, Namjai, LKK

Frozen Products

Green peas, Sweet corn, French fries, Potato wedges, Cheese pops, Samosa, Smilies Of brands like McCN, Rich crème, Chicken products of Venkeys.


Real Juices from Dabur, Monin-Syrups,Crushes from Manama, Ice tea ,Coffee—Nestle


Chocolate from Morde ,Premixes from Desire, Chocolate Sauces from Veeba